19.6.2013 - LP // TOUR

Hello there!
Here’s what happened within the last few months:

We had a nice little trip to Zetts Tonkeller in Eisenberg and recorded 11 songs for our debut LP!
It was a really good time, due to the lovely people in this little village,
some hot showers in the cold winter in our favorite train station and the heavy metal breakfasts :-)

Our roommates and close friends SIMON and ROLAND mixed that stuff and DANIEL HUSAYN did the mastering.
LUNA did a beautiful artwork for this LP so now all we gotta do is to wait for the postman*woman!

The record is gonna be released by ADAGIO 830. Thank you so much, ROBERT!

Besides we could play some cool shows in Leverkusen, Eisenberg, Hamburg, Herrenberg, Karlsruhe and Cologne.
Thanks again to all of you doing these D.I.Y-shows and making us feel damn comfy and welcome <3 We'll do a little summer tour in july and we hope to see some friends and/or make new ones! Check the 'shows' section for further information. For this tour we'll have the new record with us, and for this we all are REALLY excited!!! Some words about the situation of our beloved squat in cologne: Thats where we rehearse, do shows, hang out, connect, get organized. It was squatted more than 3 years ago and even got legalized in 2011. This house was a perspective for countless people within the last years who didn't wanna be a part of the shitty, racist, sexist and capitalist society out there. Hundreds of events, shows, workshops, demonstrations, art exhibitions etc. took place here. Now the city of cologne quitted the contract for the END OF JUNE and we are actually facing eviction any week now. Shutting down this wonderful place is a punch in the face for all uf us, for this scene, this city and the people who worked really hard all this time. It's obvious that there are political reasons speaking. If you wanna take part in defending this place, join us for the „GATHER & RESIST WEEKS OF SOLIDARITY“! http://gatherandresist.blogsport.eu/

Thats it for the moment.
Hope to see you soon. In the street, on the barricades, on tour,
for a cup of coffee or whatever :-)

Lots of Love,